Updating the Novi Builder Updating the Novi Builder: Manual and Automatic Methods

Updating the Novi Builder: What You Need to Know Updating the Novi Builder is a simple process. It usually goes smoothly and takes up to 2 minutes or less. However, in some cases caused by specific hosting settings, some problems may occur. We have already discussed all common server-related errors in our previous article. Therefore,

Website Builder Update v.0.9.9: Analytics Feature Website Builder Update v.0.9.9: Analytics Feature

Analytics Feature in the Latest Website Builder Update The website builder update bringing you the latest version of Novi Builder is available now. There is a new section under Configuration called Analytics, the most expectable and important feature. Everyone knows that there is no point in a fancy website and lots of online activity without

How to Fix Server-Related Issues How to Fix Server-Related Issues: Errors and Solutions

Possible Server-Related Issues You May Experience in the Novi Builder  In most cases, users, advanced users, and developers successfully install and work with the Novi Builder. They enjoy its features, make websites based on the templates available in the membership or based on their own templates. However, in some cases and under certain circumstances the

Working with HTML Templates Working with HTML Templates in Novi Builder

Working with HTML Templates and Projects in Novi Builder Working with HTML templates can require certain knowledge in coding. Especially if you want to give your website a unique look and functionality. Yet, it may be hard to choose a tool that will help you with it. However, if you are looking for a quick

HTML Website vs WordPress - Ultimate Comparison HTML Website vs WordPress – What to Choose?

HTML Website vs WordPress: What’s The Best Choice? Do you want to build a website that will help your business to achieve success? We are aware of various difficulties that may come in your way. But before you move to develop a website, you have to determine which platform to use. While there are lots

how to use HTML website builder by Novi How to Use HTML Editor – Guide for Beginners

Create your HTML website from scratch with no coding and zero technical skills. Discover our guide on how to use HTML editor by Novi and create a fantastic web-page easily. This tutorial will be helpful for beginners, as well as for proficient web developers.

how to host html website by Novi How to Host HTML Website

The leading qualities of a successful website are 100% uptime and quick loading speed. These factors depend on a selected web hosting for your site. Read our post to learn how to host HTML website like a pro and make your web-page visitors satisfied.

how to publish html website small image How to Publish HTML Website

Do you want to publish HTML website to make it live on the Internet? In this guide, you will discover how to grant access to all web users around the globe. Moreover, you will find out how to add your website to Google.

how to create html website with Novi How to Create HTML Website Step by Step

The process of creating an HTML website implies a lot of steps that require proficiency in tech-related fields. In this guide on how to create HTML website step by step, we specified all the milestones of developing a new website.