Privacy Policy

February 21, 2019

Novi cares deeply about your privacy and security. We are fully dedicated to protecting your personal information and using it properly in compliance with data privacy laws. This policy thoroughly describes how we collect, use, and disclose your personal data. The terms of this policy concern all personal information we collect from you across our website By using any of Novi services, you confirm that you have read and understood this privacy policy.

1. Client Consent for Collection of Personal Information

1.1. By visiting Novi website, you confirm that you acknowledge and agree to the practices outlined in this privacy policy. You hereby give your consent to using and disclosing certain non-personal data that can be automatically determined and collected (cookie files). We inform you that Novi uses cookies on our website. Cookies can be allowed or disabled in your browser. In case you enable cookies, you assent to us collecting and using your data and agree to us managing automatically collected information (cookies) as described herein. Read Novi Cookie Policy.

1.2. When you register on the Novi website and provide your personal data to us, we ask you to corroborate your consent in the checkbox. This action is required every time you fill out any of the forms on our website.

We start collecting your data as soon as you corroborate your consent. The information is collected before placing the order, creating a personal account, using an operator-assisted call or online chat, subscribing to a newsletter or completing any other forms. The information may involve: your full name, email address, postal or/and billing address, contact phone number, payment details, and the data for website analytics.

Novi collects information concerning the specific products or services you browse while interacting with our website. Such information is collected only if you have given assent to processing and storing your data for receiving the newsletter.

1.3. By providing your personal information to Novi, you agree that we will process it (until you revoke your assent to collecting your personal data) with the purpose of executing the obligations of Novi or/and our partners to the clients such as selling products, providing services and general information, and promoting services and goods. You also give you assent to receiving ads as well as informational and server messages. We process your personal data in accordance with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, and local regulatory documents.

1.4. Novi may collect your personal data from the third-party sources. While processing transactions we collect financial and/or transaction details from the payment providers. In accordance with the law, Novi can also obtain data from public and commercial third-party sources to support our services. We have the right to get your demographic data concerning your gender, occupation, hobbies, and interests from Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Note that we will never collect more data than is necessary to provide our services.

You are always free to reject providing your personal data. However, in such a case, our products and services may be not available to you.

2. Use of Your Personal Information

As soon as Novi meets with your approval, we start collecting your personal information for the purposes enumerated below:

  • To create and manage your account on;
  • To handle your orders and carry out transactions;
  • To give you access to downloadable free materials, for instance, ebooks;
  • To provide you with useful content, requested information, and technical support;
  • To help us offer you a personalized experience or otherwise tailor our services to you;
  • To keep you informed you about special offers, discounts, and promotions;
  • To personalize, measure, and improve advertising in accordance with your preferences and interests;
  • To contact you with informational purposes;
  • To provide your security by detecting and preventing fraud or other forbidden or unlawful activities.

Data Retention

We keep your personal data as long as they are necessary for providing you with the services or improving our services in the future. In case of your request to erasure your personal data, we reserve the right to retain the information until it is necessary for resolving disputes, collecting fees, assisting with investigations, preventing fraud, and performing other actions allowed by law.

3. Right To Erasure (“Right To Be Forgotten”)

As a client of Novi, you can use the “right to be forgotten”. This means that you are able to opt out and revoke your assent to collecting your personal data if it is inaccurate, outdated, or isn’t any longer necessary for the stated purpose of processing. You can also revoke your assent if you decide that Novi uses your personal data illegally. In such a case, you should send an official request to [email protected].

Note that Novi may need a certain period of time to disable service messages and notifications because of the technical reasons. Taking into consideration the specificity of the mailing system, you may still get our messages for a week.

If you want to delete your personal account on, you should contact us at [email protected] with your request.

4. Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Novi never sells your personal information. We also don’t share it with third parties without your consent except the cases stated in this privacy policy.

4.1. Novi strives to ensure maximal safety. Disclosing your personal information to third parties doesn’t refer to the breach of the privacy policy if it happens in terms of any supplementary agreements concerning the provision of the extra services to the client. For example, we may recruit third-party companies for processing payments, data storage services, website hosting, additional marketing, audit etc.

We will disclose your personal information to third parties only in the cases and quantity required to provide our services.

We ensure that third-party service providers will maintain the security of your personal information. They are prohibited to use it for any unauthorized purposes. Any impersonal use of the information about the clients aimed at evaluating and analyzing the website performance, consumer buying behavior, and general recommendations by Novi doesn’t refer to the breach of the privacy policy.

4.2. Novi uses cookies on our website. You are free to allow or disable cookies inside your browser. We don’t share cookies with third parties.

4.3. Novi has no responsibility concerning the information that our clients publish in the format available to the public.

4.4. Any disclosure of your personal data that occurs on the basis of the lawful requests of public authorities, courts of law or law enforcement authorities, doesn’t refer to the breach of the privacy policy.

4.5. Novi takes respective requisite measures, both technical and organizational, aimed at protecting your personal data from illegal access and other unlawful acts concerning it. We retain the right for disclosing your personal data in case it is required by the law, court procedures and/or in response to the public authority requests.

5. Security of Your Personal Information

5.1. The security of your personal data is the highest priority at Novi. We are committed to providing high standards of information security to your personal data. We take all appropriate measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access viz:

  • Your personal data is available only to the employees who have a direct relation to the provision of services;
  • Our employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements to maintain the security of your personal information;
  • Third-party service vendors are obliged to sign confidentiality agreements on protecting your privacy and have no right to use your personal data for unauthorized actions;
  • Your personal data is stored in secure computer systems protecting it from any illegal access or usage.

5.2. Novi never reveals the login and password you use while registering and identifying on to any third parties.

5.3. Novi pays careful attention to storing and using your login and password to avoid their usage by any third parties.

5.4. Novi retains the right to deny your request of changing your password unless you provide a trustworthy contact phone number. These are the preventive measures aimed at safeguarding the security of your personal data in order to avoid unauthorized access to your personal account or website.

Note that the transmission of information via the Internet, email or text message is not fully secure. Though we do our best to protect your personal data, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

6. Cookies

Novi uses cookies on our website. Novi can gather definite data about the client via his/her browser or mobile device cookies (tiny text files storing data directly on the device you use while visiting our website). Cookies are implemented for record-keeping purposes. They enable us to record information when you access our website and interact with our products and services. We use this information for improving the performance of our website as well as your better user experience on it.

Google Analytics

Novi uses Google Analytics on our website for monitoring and analyzing website traffic. We do it with the purpose of tracking user behavior to improve your user experience.

Google Analytics collects data about users’ location, age, gender, language, their browser, operating system and the device they use while visiting Novi website. This data helps Novi to ameliorate our website and make our services better.

You can abandon data collection with Google Analytics on the Google Analytics opt-out page by installing the add-on for your specific browser.

Display Advertising

Novi uses Display Advertising and Remarketing with Google Analytics for online advertising.

You can abandon Google Analytics for Display Advertising by customizing Google Display Network ads through the Ads Settings or with Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

You can also make use of AdBlock to disable all ads in your browser.

Social Media

Novi services include certain social media features such as social sharing or social login that are hosted by third parties. These third parties can set cookies on your device to enable social media features to function properly.

You are always free to disable cookies by setting your browser not to accept them.

7. Changes in this Privacy Policy

Novi reserves the right to revise and update this privacy policy. That’s why we highly recommend you to review this page every time you visit our website. You’ll find the date of the latest update at the top of this document. If you use Novi website after the alteration of this privacy policy, you assent to your personal data collecting, using, and transferring to the third parties in compliance with the latest version of the privacy policy.

In case of any deviations caused by the translation, the formulation set forth in the English version prevails.