HTML Website Services

We’ll perform a deep SEO analysis and suggest recommended changes to your website for better ranks in search results. With this offer, you can find out what stops your website from being the most searched.

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Our copywriters will gladly provide you with quality content for your website. With up to 1000 words of unique text, this offer includes quality written articles, news, FAQ, privacy policy pages, descriptions, etc.

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Get a personalized touch for your template with a unique color scheme designed just for your website. Our designers will also prepare specific elements for the whole template and replace colors with the ones of your choice.

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Our web designers will create an outstanding and one-of-a-kind logo for your website. It will help your brand stand out and attract the attention of your clients. Logo design is done by your preferences.

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Easily sell online with Ecwid, a powerful eCommerce software. This service will transform your website into a responsive online store with multi-currency support and realtime shipping integration.

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Our team will add a fully functional blog to your website as a part of this service. The blog will match the website design and have an optimized dashboard. It will be powered by WordPress & installed to /blog subfolder.

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Let us prepare your website for you! This service will save you a lot of time on replacing text & images as well as configuring forms, Google Maps, setting logos, etc. To perform the service we will only need your content.

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Get extensive assistance and help from our customer support team with answering all questions regarding the customization and builder configuration. The service also covers advanced questions about Novi Builder.

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Make your website 100% protected and spam-free with our new service. Our team will introduce captcha verification to the presets of Novi Builder with the forms. Moreover, all Captcha will be properly localized.

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Improve your website's GDPR compliance with this service that introduces the cookie policy page & the banner of cookies usage, the privacy policy page with sample content data storage consent notification, etc.

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Our team will install and configure the builder and a template of your choice to the remote hosting. We will also troubleshoot any configuration issues and make sure that Novi Builder works correctly on your host.

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Get a re-branded visual editor by Novi. Using the white label HTML builder, you can sell custom websites with a content management system under your trademark. The features disabling option will be helpful for web developers, designers, and agencies.

Please note: White label license applies for one copy of Novi Builder. Thus, you cannot resell the builder (create copies) using a modified brand (the same as you cannot do it with a non-modified brand).

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Why use our website maintenance services

Good for Beginners

Our website maintenance services are a good point to start if you’re a beginner and want the specialists to do all the installation and customization.

Always Done on Time

The professional Novi Builder team will make sure that the services are delivered on time.

Satisfying Results

We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final results offered by our team.