HTML reCAPTCHA and Spam Protection Service

HTML reCAPTCHA and Spam Protection Service

Would you like to make your site more secure? Do you wish to get rid of SPAM messages and protect your website forms from unauthorized usage by bots? If your answer is yes, take advantage of our expert HTML reCaptcha and Spam protection service.

What HTML Spam Protection Service Includes

Our professionals will help you to make your site safer by ensuring that bots don’t have access to its forms. You will stop receiving spam messages through the contact form. Thus, you will be able to save your time for processing messages from real people.

Captcha Service Registration for HTML Captcha Integration

The first step to protect an HTML website is to get API keys. An API (application programming interface) key is necessary to identify a user, a program, or a developer addressing an API. We’ll obtain API keys for your website to register the Captcha service. The keys will help you to watch over the interface of your site. Moreover, these keys will prevent the abusive use of the API. 

Adding Captcha to the Template

Our professionals will add Captcha to HTML form templates. You may also choose the reCaptcha integration if you prefer. Within this service, we’ll adjust your contact forms or presets. So, when customers need to provide their information via the contact form, they will have to fill in the Captcha before submitting it. As a result, spambots won’t have access to your website.

Our HTML reCaptcha integration is valid for only one website template. We will add Captcha verification to up to 5 forms or presets.

Setting Up Captcha Localization

As a bonus, our professionals will set up Captcha localization. Thus, it doesn’t matter what language your template uses. Captcha localization will correspond to the language used in your template. So, your website visitors will use an appropriate set of characters to enter Captcha information.

What We Need to Provide Spam Protection Service

To fulfill the HTML reCaptcha integration and spam protection service, we don’t need much information. You only have to give us the link to the Novi builder and the password to it. Also, our specialists require the FTP or hosting cPanel with the file manager.

How Spam Protection Service Works

  1. When you purchase the HTML reCaptcha verification offer, our team will contact you. We will ask you to provide access details to your site.
  2. After we have obtained the access details, we can start making changes to your website. Our experts will add Captcha to up to 5 pages/presets in your template. Then, we will set Captcha localization to make the Captcha window match the language of your website. Having integrated reCaptcha, our team will make sure that everything works properly.
  3. We provide our services through constant connection with clients. So, after finishing the Captcha integration process, we will get back to you. Our team will inform you that the service has been performed, and you will be able to see the new features of your site. 

What Clients Say about HTML reCAPTCHA and Spam Protection Service

Sam Holland
This feature was necessary for my client, and we decided to order this service. Now I can add forms with the Captcha to any page by inserting an appropriate preset. Amazing!
Kain Jensen
I was offered this service during troubleshooting the issue with the contact form and decided to give it a try. Captcha works great in both mobile and desktop layouts. They even translated Captcha!
Darrell Easton
My developer struggled with adding HTML Captcha to my site (he could not link Captcha to the contact form). We have contacted Novi builder's representatives through Facebook regarding this matter. They have offered such a service. I decided to order it since the developer could not add the form. Now Captcha protects my form and works properly.

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What You Get

  • Reliable spam protection
  • HTML reCaptcha adding
  • Integration of Captcha verification
ETA: 1-2 business days