Novi Membership Pricing - Choose Your Plan and Join the Community!

We have simple pricing for all members of the Novi Community. You purchase a membership for as low as the price of a regular HTML template. And voila! You get access to multiple items, plugins, and features, as well as the most convenient visual HTML editor you have ever tried. Choose your plan and get Novi Membership right now!


billed annually

$29 $29 / year
  • Novi visual HTML editor
  • Novi plugins
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free updates
  • Developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Multipurpose HTML template


billed annually

$49 $49 / year
  • Novi visual HTML editor
  • Novi plugins
  • Unlimited projects
  • Free updates
  • Developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 20+ HTML templates


lifetime membership

$149 $149 / one time
  • Lifetime access to Novi visual HTML editor
  • Lifetime access to Novi plugins
  • Lifetime unlimited projects
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Lifetime developer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime access to all Novi templates
  • Sell your templates empowered by Novi builder

Secure Payment

Secure Payments

Processed in a Level 1PCI compliant environment

Trusted Payment Methods

Pay with Visa, Mastercard of PayPal

Cancel Any Time

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Have a question about Novi Membership or functionality? Please, find the answer in our frequently asked questions, or contact us for more details. We are here to help you and update this section with new questions from the Novi Community.

Do all templates contain HTML visual editor?

Yes. All our HTML templates are powered by Novi builder. They already have pre-made blocks and features and can be easily customized according to your needs. You can customize them within the code or use visual editing.

How can I get updates?

Novi editor is updated automatically.To get the latest Novi editor updates, please, make sure that you have an internet connection. You can also download the newest HTML templates in the 'Downloads' section of your personal account.

I have already purchased Novi Builder on another website. Can I get Novi Membership for free?

Unfortunately, we can`t give you free Novi Membership if you have purchased the editor on any third-party website. In addition to the editor, Novi Membership provides full access to a collection of 40+ HTML templates, plugins, and other features. However, if you are a web developer and use our product for your client websites, we can give you a custom discount for the lifetime membership plan. Just contact us with the order ID of your previous purchase, and we will gladly share it with you.

What browsers does Novi Builder support?

We regularly test Novi Builder in Safari and Google Chrome. For more details, please, contact our technical support team.

What services does Novi Support provide?

Our support team is responsible for fixes and support related to the editor and all items included in the Novi Membership plans. Please mind, that we do not take responsibility for any third-party scripts, plugins or items.

Can I create templates and sell them with Novi Builder?

Yes, Developer plan gives all our members the right to create and sell their templates empowered by Novi Builder on any third-party marketplaces. The number of projects is not limited. However, they are obliged to use the Novi brand name and logo with each of the items.

I purchase the membership at a discount price, will the discount be applied to the license renewal?

The discount for all annual plans is applied only to the first payment. As soon as the year expires you will have to cover the standard charge current at the time of license renewal.

Can I get HTML templates included in the Novi Membership without Novi Builder (HTML & CSS files only)?

Yes. Each template presented in our catalog is available in two versions. The first one includes sliced blocks and presets compatible with Novi Editor. The second one contains HTML and CSS coding and source files.

Can I install your templates on WordPress?

Yes. You can use the designs included in your Membership plans with any CMS. However, you will have to deal with all the necessary modifications and code changes on your own.

What do Novi Membership updates include?

Novi Membership updates give you access to the newest added templates, as well as the updated versions of already presented items. Moreover, you will get access to new features, plugins, element and bug fixes.

Can I upgrade my annual membership to lifetime?

Sure. You can turn to the lifetime membership plan within 30 days after the purchase. In this case, you will have to pay the difference between the two plans. If the annual membership was purchased more than 30 days before, you can still get a discount for the lifetime plan by contacting one of our representatives.

How can I get a discount?

If you are a new client and would like to know more about our discounts and special offers - feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. We will gladly inform you about the next sale. No spam, only cool free stuff, latest news, and updates!

What are the Novi Builder technical requirements?

To make sure that Novi Builder will sufficiently work with your system, make sure that it meets the following requirements.
- Browser version for Chrome 50+, Safari 10+
- Not less than 4GB RAM
- 1024 x 768 Minimal display resolution
- The 1GHz Minimum CPU clock rate
- 1 Mbit minimum internet connection speed

To successfully install and host Novi on your server, it should meet the following requirements.
- Apache 2.2+
- PHP 5.4+
- Turned off ModSecurity module
- Turned on mod_rewrite module
- 64M php_memory_limit
- 64M upload_max_filesize
- 64M post_max_size
- 60 max_input_time
- 1000 php_max_input_vars
- 30 max_execution_time
- 1 short_open_tag
- error_reporting = E_ALL ^ E_WARNING

For more details, please, check Novi Builder Documentation.

How can I get a refund?

You can get a full refund for any of our membership plans within 30 days after the purchase. Please mind that we are not providing refunds on the expiration of this term or if you continue to use any of the Novi Membership items for any of your live projects.

Can I resell the plugins / templates on the marketplace?

Using our plugins and templates for commercial purposes as well as reselling them on third-party marketplaces is strictly prohibited. Novi Builder company keeps an exclusive right to sell those items.

Can I use the template for my projects without changes in design?

Yes, you can run projects based on all our templates included in your Membership plans and keep the design unchanged. They are not subject to mandatory modification.

Can I use Novi builder and templates for multiple websites?

Yes. The amount of projects is not limited. You can use the editor as well as the templates included in your Membership plan for as many projects as you need.

Can I buy a single template instead of joining the Membership?

Our Startup plan includes our flagship template together with Novi Editor. All other templates from our catalog are available only for Novi Membership subscribers.