HTML Website Hosting for Your Novi Builder Projects

Take advantage of using the first-class HTML website hosting solutions with pre-installed and configured Novi Builder. With this offer, you get a variety of benefits that can greatly improve your experience of using the builder.

Recommended HTML Web Hosting Providers

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Secure Shell / SSL / FTP / MySQL
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HTML Hosting Requirements

To get the best performance from Novi Builder, it is highly recommended to run it on a modern, supported, and reliable HTML web hosting. Nowadays, lots of hosting providers guarantee the stable work of any website. Moreover, you might already have a registered hosting account on one of our partners' websites. But if you plan to work with our HTML website editing tool, there are a few peculiarities you should know about. In case you are choosing a new hosting service, we recommend following the requirements described below. It's highly suggested to pay attention to them when choosing a web hosting service:

  • Apache 2.2+
  • PHP 5.4+

All of the HTML website hosting providers’ solutions listed on this page are recommended by Novi Builder. They are also 100% compatible with the builder Please note: All of the HTML website hosting providers’ solutions listed on this page are recommended by Novi Builder. They are also 100% compatible with the builder and website templates that we offer. If you have any other questions about installing or configuring Novi Builder on the chosen hosting account, feel free to contact us directly. We are always happy to help you get the best experience from using our solutions.

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HTML Web Hosting Partners You Can Trust

In cooperation with the web industry’s most trustworthy and dependable hosting providers, we have created sustainable HTML website hosting solutions. They are designed to grant you full control of your website’s content and functionality, while also guaranteeing the stable and faultless functioning of your website. These partnerships ensure that you will get everything your website requires - stable & secure connection and high upload/download speeds.

Bluehost - Progressive Web Hosting Solutions Provider

Founded in 2003, Bluehost is an innovative hosting services provider based in Orem, UT. Since its establishment, the team of Bluehost has been offering cutting edge HTML website hosting solutions to a vast variety of users worldwide. With an extensive choice of Bluehost packages that can be easily paired with Novi Builder, you can be sure to find the solution that you are looking for.

Bluehost is a perfect choice if you are looking for an open-source HTML web hosting services. Their team of developers has experience in optimizing a variety of open-source platforms. Besides providing affordable services, you can fully rely on Bluehost's hosting solutions. That's exactly why we at Novi Builder designed to partner with them. Join millions of people who chose Bluehost and get a dependable hosting space today.

HostPapa - Committed Website Hosting Provider

HostPapa is a serious web host solution that offers a variety of products and hosting plans, including everything you need to get your HTML website online. It suits perfectly for beginners and small websites with packages that include a free domain name and unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Qualified support is available 24/7/365 to answer your questions. Support is available by email, online chat, or telephone to get you started. HostPapa distinguishes itself from other companies with its easy-to-use tools appropriate for even beginners, its global reach, and focus on sustainable hosting. It comes complete with a variety of tools to assist you with getting your website listed in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and more. Its platform and website builder is also compatible with Google Analytics.

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What is an HTML Website Hosting?

HTML web hosting allows organizations & individuals to create a website and publish it on the Web. It is made possible thanks to the solutions of web hosting providers. There are different solutions for different kinds of websites. To help you select what you need, hosting companies provide a variety of plans and pricing packages. They are usually billed monthly or annually and include all necessary hosting tools.

However, before your website can be hosted, you have to acquire a domain for it. The domain allows easier access to your website on the Internet. Your potential customers only have to enter its address in a browser. Luckily, most hosting companies provide you with a domain for a small price. It can also be included in your pricing plan, which means you can save on hosting and domain.

What Else Do Hosting Services Offer?

Modern HTML website hosting providers also offer a range of additional benefits to their clients. Such services vary from company to company and may include:

  • 1. FTP files upload;
  • 4. SSL certificates;
  • 2. E-mail accounts;
  • 5. Website migration;
  • 3. Databases;
  • 6. Backup services.

Any trustworthy host will certainly offer all of the abovelisted services if not more. They serve as a great bonus to quality hosting services. However, a vast amount of HTML website hosting company customers shares a single opinion. According to it, only 3 main factors matter when choosing a hosting provider. They are explained by a vital necessity of easy 24/7 availability of an HTML website. Without any doubt, such factors can vary from client to client. Still, those factors are usually described as:

  • Uptime;
  • Loading speed;
  • Customer support.

With that being said, we recommend paying your attention to these factors. It can be done before choosing the desired hosting plan. It will help you avoid unpleasant situations of unexpected downtime and critical failures. But if you want to build an accessible website, choose our partners' solutions. Besides being dependable HTML website hosting providers, they offer solutions tested with Novi Builder. Combining quality web hosting and our HTML website builder will be beneficial. It will help you build an outstanding website in no time.

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With Novi Builder, you get more than a useful tool for customizing your website. When ordering one of our HTML web hosting offers, you also get a supported account. The account is provided by one of the most trustworthy hosting providers. Moreover, this offer grants you an awesome discount on hosting services. All you have to do is fill out the form to get access to our offer. Just enter your name & e-mail, and we'll reach out to you right away!

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