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We continually add and upgrade this collection of HTML templates with code. All Novi members can use them for multiple client projects for free. Check the designs, try visual HTML Novi editor, and join us right now! You pay the price of an average template and get the entire 40+ templates collection for as many websites as you want. No hidden costs, no limits, no strings attached.

20+ HTML Editor Templates with Open-Source Code

Corporate Startup Landing Page Template
Car Repair Landing Page Template
Business Consulting Corporate Landing Page Template
Startup Company Mobile App
SEO Studio - Consulting
Financial advisor website template
Auditing website templates
Medical website template
Startup company website template
Investment company website template
Advertising agency website template
Commercial real estate website template
Dentist website template
Business consultancy website template
University website template
Law firm website template
Industrial engineering website templates
Modern church website template
Agro website template
Construction company website template
Fast food website template
Nursery school website template
Artist portfolio website template
Сar rental website template
Industrial company website template
Interior design website template
Software Company Website Template - This impressive software company website template will suit you if you are a developer with the idea to promote your stratup on web or mobile development!
Marketing Agency Website Template - Choose this wonderful marketing agency website template and get the best platform for promoting your successful business in the sphere of marketing!
Governmental Department Website Template - This minimalistic governmental department website template perfectly suits any governmental organization, agency or department!
Bar Restaurant Website Template - Create an attractive website for your loyal and future visitors with this amazing cafe/ bar/ restaurant website template from Novi Builder!
Personal Portfolio Website Template - Personal Portfolio Website Template is made for those people who understand the necessity of creating a personal online brand!

What Makes HTML Templates with Code Adored by Thousands of Developers

Not to make a short story long, let's make a quick overview of the main reasons that make people love HTML templates. Here are some of them.

  • One can easily edit HTML texts.
  • HTML standard is generally recognized and can be converted to any CMSs, platforms, and editors.
  • Building HTML websites for your clients you can add a visual website builder and give them a coding-free editing tool.
  • You can edit HTML with almost all developers tools.
  • All modern browsers support HTML.
  • HTML is SEO-friendly, search engine bots have no problems with crawling it.
  • They have a fast loading speed.
  • You can add any third-party code or functionality and most surely they will work!

As you see, in most cases, HTML is all you need for any online project. Even though there are multiple website builders and content management systems on the web, they are all using it one way or another.

Why Choose HTML Templates with Code Empowered by Novi?

Sure, you can come up with the question 'Why should I use Novi HTML templates?' Well, we predicted that ;) Because they have all you need and a little bit more. Check the pros below to see what you get with them, and you will never get back to wasting money on single-license themes.

They Are Damn Cheap!

The first and the sweetest advantage of Novi HTML templates with code is a fair pricing system. We are a community of developers and want to help all startup web studios and developers get all they need with a single cheap subscription. Paying the price of one premium template you get access to the full collection of 40+ templates which is constantly updated. Use any template for unlimited projects and get lifetime access to professional designs with a visual editor.

Easy Installation Process

HTML templates installation is easy as a pie. In contrast to complicated platforms and website builders needing custom installers and sophisticated hosting requirements, HTML templates with code have quite humble demands. You can upload the files Using FTP or file manager to the related folder and make your website live in a blink.

Simple WYSIWYG Visual Editing

Each of these templates goes in two versions. The first one contains standard HTML code with all related files. The second one has Novi editor as its basis. One of its main advantages is WYSIWYG visual editing. It means ‘what you see is what you get’ and simplifies the life of thousands of developers and end-users.

Rich Functionality with Must-Have Plugins for Free

It's not a secret that most CMS platforms, even so-called 'free website builders' earn a small fortune of money on additional functionality, plugins, and expensive pro-plans. We are not like that. All members of our community have full access to our plugins, elements, and updates for free.

Regular Updates

We are growing and improving the product. Each month we analyze hundreds of member requests and plan new updates to make Novi Editor better for you and add the features and fixes our community needs. Your opinion is our priority. Therefore, you are welcome to leave comments on our official community page, and we will do our best to bring your suggestions into reality!

Fast Loading Speed and SEO

It is a widely known fact, that HTML templates and websites have the fastest loading speed, which is crucial for both SEO and UX. If you are using easy HTML templates with code, you will never suffer from Google mobile-first updates. Moreover, they will give you users comfortable mobile searches and lower the bounce rate.

Let's Do It Together

We will be glad to welcome you to the Novi Family and are ready to answer all your questions or help you pick the best membership plan. Click on the button below to ask any questions related to Novi HTML templates and functionality, or pick your plan and start your journey right now!