White Label Service for Web Developers

White Label Service for Web Developers

Do you want to create HTML websites for your customers and run a web development business by yourself? We are happy to offer you such an opportunity! Purchase the white label HTML editor along with any membership plan and get a fantastic option to start a retailing business. In other words, the white label offer foresees the ability to re-sell the Novi builder under your brand. Hence, you can replace the Novi logo, update the slogan, and tune up the visual creator with no effort!

Benefits of Using White Label HTML Editor

Our HTML website creator brings a lot of fantastic possibilities. Therefore, by using the inbuilt features, you can create an HTML website without editing even a string of code. However, if some adjustments in source code are required, you can use the inbuilt code compiler. The white label offer, combined with all the Novi creator features, foresee the ability to create a web design studio. Consequently, you can produce, transform, and sell HTML websites with the re-branded web-page creator by Novi!

Quick Start with Minimal Expenses

Starting a web studio from scratch is quite hard. It requires a lot of effort with high expenses due to the high competition rate in this niche. Nevertheless, our white label HTML editor provides a ready-to-run solution. It will be highly appreciated by those who want to start a thriving web development company. Grab the advanced website creator by Novi and personalize it without a hitch. Then, you can re-brand the white label HTML builder and sell it under your company’s trademark.

Brand Name and Website Editor Personalization

Personalize your website creator, by replacing the Novi logo. Moreover, you can re-brand the white label HTML editor by adding your catchword. Also, you can disable particular functions into the visual editor. Hence, you will get a fully personalized website builder with a large pack of amazing features by Novi.

Please Note: White label license applies for one copy of Novi Builder. Thus, you cannot resell the builder (create copies) using a modified brand (the same as you cannot do it with a non-modified brand).

What We Need to Complete the Service

After purchasing the white label offer, our specialists will contact you within 24 hours asking to provide the following details:

  • your website URL address;
  • FTP or hosting cPanel access details.

When our tech experts have complete access to your website creator, they will enable the re-branding feature in your white label HTML editor. 

How White Label Offer Works

Do you want to know how the re-branding offer works? Let’s check all the milestones of re-branding the default website builder by Novi! 

  1. After purchasing the white label offer, you will receive exclusive permission to update the brand file for one copy of the white label HTML builder only. Also, you will receive a complete user’s guide on how to edit the brand file.  
  2. Next, you need to navigate to the /config directory on your server and find the brand.json file. After that, you need to modify the corresponding keys according to your needs.
  3. Upload a new logo image to the media library. Further, you need to update the path to the logo into the brand.json file on your server. 
  4. Change the default slogan by updating the brand name values into the configuration file. 
  5. Enable or disable particular features in the website editor.

What Clients Say about White Label Service for Web Developers

Charis Morrison
Amazing feature! I sell custom HTML website templates on the white label HTML builder that comes under my brand. Also, I reduce the number of features available for non-expert clients. As a result, I have a lot of clients who enjoy the ability to fill up my website templates with their content without editing even a line of code.
Ayoub Bain
Thank you for the ability to individualize the white label HTML editor. Above all, it is a fantastic tool for web developing agencies. It helps to run the business two times faster because there is no need to code every website from scratch. Moreover, the re-branded backend interface helps our clients to manage their HTML websites and update the content frequently by themselves.
Francesco Roche
It is the only website builder that allows creating new HTML websites quick and supplementing them with custom coding. Thus, I can create new HTML websites for my clients faster than ever. The white label helps me to sell my website along with the web-page editor for clients who have zero coding skills for further updating of their sites.

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What You Get

  • Logo replacement
  • Brand name update
  • Novi builder features management
ETA: 24 hours