Add Store to Website – eCommerce Integration Service

Add Store to Website – eCommerce Integration Service

Do you wish to turn your website into a fully-functioning store? Do you require professional help to add store to website? Our expert team is ready to provide eCommerce integration services and add Ecwid software to your site. You will be able to start selling online as soon as we finish the installation process.

Why Use Ecwid to Add Store to HTML Website?

Using the Ecwid eCommerce plugin, you will easily manage your online store. Moreover, your customers will love the shopping process with Ecwid shopping cart integration. An online store empowered with Ecwid functionality has a number of advantages.

Responsive & Mobile Design

With Ecwid HTML store integration, your online shop will look excellent and function perfectly on any device.

International Sales

After we add store to HTML site, you’ll be able to offer and sell goods worldwide due to multi-currency support. Moreover, you’ll be able to adjust the shipping details.

Variety of Payment Options

When you add shopping cart to HTML with Ecwid, the customers will get numerous payment options. Your shop will have over 40 payment methods.

Secure Shopping

Your online store will have a Level 1 Validation in PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), which is the world’s #1 security standard supported globally.

Social Media and HTML Store Integration

After we add store to website pages, your customers will be able to order directly from your company’s pages on Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

What Ecommerce Integration Services Include

Within our eCommerce integration services, we add store to HTML websites, making it ready for your personalization. Our offer is valid for one website template.

Adding E-commerce Features

When we add Ecommerce to HTML websites, we install the Ecwid widget to your site. So, we’ll get all the functionality of an online shop on your site.

Creating Product/Catalog Page

Our professionals will add a page for listing your shop’s products. You will be able to organize and manage your goods.

Shopping Cart Integration to Add Store to Website

To create HTML store pages, our team will add a fully-featured shopping cart to your online shop. Customers will be able to add goods and pay for them using this shopping cart.

Setting Currencies and Shipping Options

Our specialists will establish the default currency and payment gateways for your shop. You will be able to change the currency and payment methods yourself, depending on your needs. Also, you will get the possibility to adjust the shipping options for your products. If you wish, our specialists will establish the desired currency and payment gateways for your shop. Also, we can adjust the shipping options for your products.

Creating Ecwid Account to Add Store to Website

To add store to HTML websites, it is necessary to have an Ecwid account. Our team will create a free basic Ecwid account for you. By default, Ecwid Store is placed on a new template page – Shop. If you need a hosting plan, we’ll also provide you with it.

What Is Required to Add Store to Website

Our specialists will need your URL, FTP, or hosting cPanel with the file manager to provide eCommerce integration services.

E-Commerce Integration Services – Milestones

To add Ecwid store functionality to HTML sites, we follow several steps.

  1. Our team will get in touch with you to get the access details to your site.
  2. Our professionals will perform Ecwid integration and add a page with Products.
  3. We will register a free basic Ecwid account for you.
  4. We’ll contact you to give the information that shows how you can use the shopping cart after implementing changes to your site.

What Clients Say about Add Store to Website – eCommerce Integration Service

Kaiser Gross
Perfect platform for my website. I have set my local currency and set shipping options. Your service is fantastic!
Jose Chandler
I was looking to add PayPal as a payment system to the products on my website. I found information regarding this specific service and decided to try it. I have to say that I have not expected such a level of shopping cart integration. It's not just a simple cart with a PayPal button; this system allows managing products from the Ecwid account. They even have a mobile app for managing the account.
Dawood Burke
The Ecwid cart is amazing. It allows managing stock for my products, keeping track of inventory, and setting different shipping options. It's a perfect solution for my website.

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What You Get

  • HTML store integration with Ecwid widget
  • Creating Product/Catalog page
  • Payment/Shipping options adjustment
ETA: 2 business days