HTML GDPR Compliance Service

HTML GDPR Compliance Service

Make your website on HTML GDPR compliant with the help of professional service. It introduces the cookie policy page & cookies usage banner, the privacy policy page with all required sample content data storage consent notification, and other essential changes. We’ll perform the service during 24-48 business hours to provide GDPR compliance for HTML as soon as possible.

What HTML GDPR Compliance Services Include

Our team will introduce the following changes for your template to meet all the necessary rules of GDPR. Our team can apply GDPR services either to the original template with the sample content or to the template with the customized content. We offer the GDPR for HTML website service to one template of your choice.

Сookie Policy Page Required by GDPR for HTML Website

We will add the Cookie Policy Page to your template. This page will make your site on HTML GDPR compliant by providing visitors with detailed information about the use of cookies on your website. You will be able to customize the cookie policy page to make it meet your site’s peculiarities.

Cookies Usage Banner

When your website visitors open your pages, they will see the notification that your site uses cookies.

Privacy Policy Page for HTML GDPR Compliance

This page will contain all the necessary sample content about the privacy policy. Our professionals will integrate it into your website template. Then, you will be able to change the sample content with your information.

Consent Notification to Data Storage

Within our GDPR Compliance services, we also add consent notification to the data storage to your site’s forms. In other words, when your site visitors fill in any forms on your website, they will have to agree to the storage of data by checking the checkbox. Users will be able to read the Privacy Policy by clicking on the button that leads to the Privacy Policy page. Consequently, you will get the necessary permission to keep people’s data. Moreover, the website owner will see a confirmation that the customer has checked the box. This proof of consent will be present in all emails.

What We Need to Complete the Service

To start providing the service, you have to give us a link to the Novi builder and the password to it. Also, our team needs access to the FTP or hosting cPanel with the file manager.

How HTML GDPR Compliance Offer Works

  1. Our support team contacts you to get the access details to your website.
  2. When we have the access, our experts will add the Cookies policy page, cookies usage banner, and the Privacy Policy page. Next, we’ll customize the website’s contact forms to include the consent notification.
  3. After our professionals complete the installation, we’ll provide you with the links to the new pages that contain the necessary specific information.

What Clients Say about HTML GDPR Compliance Service

Thank you for the cookies notification settings!
Tahmid Lawrence
My client has a website in the EU. It was essential to make the website GDPR compliant. Tech support has offered this service, and I decided to try it. Everything was set as desired. I have ordered such service for 2 templates. I am going to order GDPR for another template and hope that they will be able to provide a discount for my third template.
Lily-Ann Cottrell
The service was delivered on time. I could not provide the FTP details; however, they have managed to set everything without them. Now my site is GDPR compliant. I am going to customize the template for my client and focus on adding content. Keep up a great job!
Mateo Huber
I was looking for ways to add DSGVO features to my template. It turned out that such a service is available and can be provided upon request. You saved my time, and my client is happy, thank you.

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What You Get

  • Cookies usage banner & Cookies policy page
  • Add your Privacy Policy page
  • Notification of consent in site’s forms
ETA: 1-2 business days