Custom Logo Design Services

Custom Logo Design Services

Need an attractive logotype for your website, but have no way out? Professional web designers will help you. Our team will come up with the best custom logo design for your brand according to your requirements. Furthermore, we will provide you with different logo styles. Thus, you will pick up the best one that suits your website design.

What you Get with Custom Logo Design Services

Every company needs a logo that marks its identity in the market. The business logo design services provided by our company involve different stages that include in-depth business analysis, gathering further project details, and building a perfect logo design.

In-Depth Brand Name Analysis

Our specialists will do thorough research about your company. Moreover, our specialists will analyze your business and your niche competitors. It will help to generate a design that will represent your company from the first sight.

Professional Brand Building Services

Use our business logo design services if you want to boost your business significantly and build a reliable company’s brand. Using our custom logo design services, you will get a fantastic brand logo label.

Various Logo Designs

For starting, we will create three drafts with different designs. You will need to pick the one that fits all your requirements. Then, we will continue working on the selected logo draft, enhancing its design. If none of the provided logo design drafts will suit your expectations, you will be able to request new design mockups. The logo creation may take up to 10 business days and includes up to 3 revisions.

Masterful Logo Design

We will create a logo that will match a website’s color scheme and briefly describe your company with the services provided. A professionally built logo with creative design will help you to beat your competitors and take topmost positions in the market.

Different Formats of Logo Design

When your logo is ready, we will deliver it in various formats. Thus, you’ll be able to resize your logo without losing the quality. You will receive your logo design in 6 popular formats that include: AI, JPG, EPS, PDF, SVG, PSD files.

Our designers use vector graphics performing the website logo creation service. Moreover, you will receive various logo image formats for dark and light backgrounds in portrait and landscape modes. Hence, you will be able to place your logo on multiple items, like business cards, banners, a website, print on cloth, etc. with no effort.

How Custom Logo Design Services Work

  1. After placing an order, our responsible manager will contact you requesting the info that will help to understand your vision of your further logo. After this, you will discuss all the details with your project manager, provide us with additional information, send your design mockups, and request us to implement specific design solutions.
  2. When we complete the project details collecting, we will forward all the information to our designers’ team and start working on your logo design.
  3. We will provide you with logo drafts and ask you to pick up the best logo design for further improvements according to your requirements.
  4. When your logo is ready, we will contact you, providing all the files in the original dimension.

What Clients Say about Custom Logo Design Services

Tania Malone
If you still think about ordering a logo design, do it now with no doubts! They provide fantastic service, discuss all the details, and stay in touch 24/7. From the start, I've got a bunch of requests for my logo. They collected all my demands and organized them. Then, they sent me the list with edits and delivered a fantastic logo design after my confirmation. I will order more logo design if I have other online projects soon!
Glyn Wright
First, I tried to create a new logo by myself. Unfortunately, my PhotoShop skills are not good enough to convert the design from my imagination into an image. Thus, I decided to try the logo creation services offered by this company. After a discussion of all the details with my project manager and a few revisions, I got what I wanted. Thank you for your passion and professionalism. Excellent service, thank you!
Delia Kirby
After launching a website on Novi Builder, I noticed that my site was looking unprofessional and completely untrusted. So, I decided to order the business logo design services from these guys, and that was the right decision. They created a design that allures from first sight and has no equivalents on the WEB. Thank you!

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What You Get

  • 100% unique design
  • Quick implementation
  • Creative typography
ETA: up to 10 business days