Add Blog to Website – WordPress Integration Service

Add Blog to Website – WordPress Integration Service

As a blog is an efficient tool for any website, more and more site owners try to integrate the blog functionality to their pages. If you want to add blog to HTML website, you may need professional assistance.

With our WordPress blog integration service, you will get a full-featured blog with multiple functions. You won’t need to change the coding yourself, as our professionals will perform all the necessary work. We’ll not only integrate blog into website pages but also customize it. Our service suggests adding the blog functionality to one template of your choice. 

How We Add Blog to Website – Service Details

To integrate blog into HTML website pages, our team will make several essential steps.

Installation Process to Add Blog to HTML Website

First of all, our specialists will install the WordPress blog to the /blog subfolder of your website template. This will integrate WordPress functionality with your HTML pages.

Footer / Header and Navigation Menu Customization

Our team takes responsibility not only about the technical side of blog installation but also about its style. Thus, our experts will adjust headers, footers, and navigation menu. These elements will match the layout of your main website pages.

Color Scheme Adjustment within Blog Theme Integration

We’ll take care of the colors of your site and blog. You can be sure that your blog will have the same color scheme as your main website. Only minor differences may be available if your website has some specific colors.

Sample Post Adding

Our professionals will add sample posts with demo content (2-5 posts) to your blog. So, it will be easier for you to start using the full blog functionality and add your personalized content.

What You Can Do after We Integrate Blog to Website

Manage Posts

Firstly, you will be able to add your posts and manage them. WordPress is a powerful CMS that lets you change your posts visually via a user-friendly dashboard. Additionally, you can update publish dates when you add new information. Moreover, you can schedule new posts for a specific time. Also, you can delete articles if you don’t need them anymore.

Moderate Comments

Secondly, when your clients and website visitors make any comments, you will be able to moderate these comments easily. You can approve and make comments visible if you find them appropriate.

Register New Users

Thirdly, your blog will have user registration options. You will be able to manage different users using the admin section.

What Is Needed to Add Blog to HTML Website

We require the FTP and hosting cPanel with the file manager. Our team needs to access the hosting cPanel to make a database and add blog to website pages.

Milestones to Add Blog to HTML Website

  1. We will contact you to receive the cPanel access details to your site and make sure that we have sufficient permissions for creating a new database. 
  2. Our professionals will check the design of your main site and perform the service of WordPress blog integration in website according to its design.
  3. Our team will contact you with the access details to your blog.

What Clients Say about Add Blog to Website – WordPress Integration Service

Ruairidh Compton
Thanks a lot for such a wonderful service! You saved my time! Now I have my own blog where I can post news and information regarding the new releases.
Julien Duke
Simple, easy to use platform. I was looking for the possibility to delegate my managers to add new content to the website (they are not tech-savvy). The idea was to add content on a daily basis without touching the main site to attract visitors to my website. We have performed SEO optimization of the main website with their search engine optimization service and added a blog for getting more visitors from our State.
Dillan Currie
I was offered to add blog to my website. My blog is powered by WordPress and made specifically for my website. I am a car dealer. I prefer adding information 2-3 times a week. I make posts with the latest deals, new models, and services. It's easy to manage the content using this blog. The project manager asked me to provide the cPanel access details for the installation and got everything working. Now I can easily add content using backend, upload images, and add them to posts. It's a great investment in my business.

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What You Get

  • WordPress blog integration in website
  • Color scheme adjustment
  • Blog navigation customization
ETA: 5-7 business days