HTML Installation Service

HTML Installation Service

Do you want to start creating your website without any circumstances like configuring a web-server, installing the Novi Builder, and uploading a website template by yourself? Opt the HTML installation service and get your website template ready-to-go within one business day! 

Lightning Fast Start with HTML Installation Service

Performing the theme installation offer, we will avoid you from the need to hassle with your server by yourself. This offer is perfect for entrepreneurs who know the value of time and want to launch a website quickly. Also, the HTML website installation provided by our specialist will be helpful for those who make their first steps in web-development and need professional assistance in launching their first online project. Thus, let’s check what the HTML installation service implies. 

Web Server Testing and Supplementary Configuration

For starting, we will check if your server configuration meets all the requirements. In case your web hosting does not meet the Novi Builder requirements, our HTML website installation specialists will troubleshoot all the issues related to the hosting configuration. Hence, you will get not only the theme installation offer but also a professional server analysis and additional adjustments if needed.  

Attentiveness to Details

Before installation, we will ask where the website should be published (path to the site), and clarify any other details in order not to affect any other data on your server. If you have any problems, our web-specialists will help you to pass them and start working on the theme installation offer. 

Novi Builder Installation and Theme Uploading

Our specialists will upload source files to the directory that corresponds to your website’s path and install the Novi Builder on your server. When the Novi Builder is ready-to-use, we will upload one of our professionally designed HTML templates. You can select only one website template for the theme installation order. 

Thorough Testing Before Completion 

After accomplishing the HTML5 installation service, we will check how the Novi Builder with your template works. We provide rigorous quality assurance testing before delivering the HTML installation service. 

Easy Editing with Novi Builder

The backend interface makes the website editing process smooth and easy. However, if you are familiar with coding and want to supplement the code with some improvements, you can easily do this by using the inbuilt code editor.

Milestones of HTML Installation Service

  1. For starting, we will contact you requesting your website URL address, FTP access details, or login details to your hosting control panel. We will contact you via e-mail to get the access details and information regarding the template you would like to install.
  1. Once we have access to your web-server, we will check if your server configuration meets the Novi Builder requirements and troubleshoot any possible issues. 
  1. When your server is set up and ready to go, we will proceed with the Novi Builder installation and website template uploading. 
  1. When the theme install is completed, and your website is ready-to-use, we will provide you with the link to your website and the link that leads to the Novi Builder on your server. By using this link, you’ll be able to login to the admin panel and start filling up your website template with your content quickly. 

What Clients Say about HTML Installation Service

Molly Monroe
I had issues with the local host configuration. Thus, they offered me a great hosting solution. It was a fantastic deal. I wish I could take advantage of this service earlier. I've got a brand new hosting account with the Novi Builder installed. So far, I am using the default template to check how the system works and explore its functionality. I will order more website installation services from these guys in the future.
Dominick Correa
I purchased the installation service right after signing up for the membership (did not want to deal with the installation process). I have been asked to provide the access details and helped me to install HTML website builder by Novi to my host. Great service!
Lilianna Nolan
The Novi Builder was installed with the business consultancy website template altogether. Before this, I had some issues with the hosting configuration. Technicians found the reason for the concern and resolved it quickly. Everything works properly. Thank you!

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What You Get

  • Web hosting inspection and server testing
  • Configuring a website’s path according to your needs
  • Novi Builder with a selected website template installation
ETA: 1 business day