Extended Website Support Services

Extended Website Support Services

Accurate functioning of a website requires constant supervision and careful attention. If you want to get professional assistance with your site’s work, take advantage of our HTML website support services. Our specialists will help you solve different issues connected with incorrect website operations. You can choose one template/project for which you wish to get extended web support services.

What Extended Website Support Services Include

Troubleshooting of Server and Hosting-related Issues

Our specialists will assist you in solving any problems connected with your website’s hosting. We’ll provide professional assistance with the configuration of your web hosting. If you are just starting your project, a competent hosting setup will help you avoid problems in the future.

Rightly and Reliable Support with the Upcoming Requests

Website maintenance support covers enhanced assistance with your project. When you need professional help with any complex requests, you will be able to get in touch with our team. Furthermore, you can contact our specialists before making any changes to your website. Thus, you’ll get an expert explanation of what such changes may lead to and how you should avoid mistakes.

Assistance with Project-related Problems

Our website maintenance and support services include professional help with issues related to the incorrect customization of your project. We will help you restore the project in case of improper data integrity. Also, our specialists will restore Novi Builder’s functionality caused by incorrect changes made by clients.

Contact Form and SMTP Support

Within our extended website support services, you’ll get expert help with your contact form. Our team will solve any advanced issues caused by the restrictions of the server. Moreover, our HTML website support covers troubleshooting the problems related to SMTP configuration.

Developer’s Assistance

If you have any complex issues with your site, you can get the professional help of our developer. You’ll get professional HTML website support with errors that appear under specific circumstances of website configuration.

What We Need to Provide Extended Website Support Services

To provide the HTML technical support service, our team requires the link to the Novi builder and the password to it. Moreover, we’ll need FTP or hosting cPanel with the file manager.

How Extended Website Support Services Work

  1. When you buy this offer, our team will contact you. To provide web support services, we’ll request the access details to your site. Additionally, we’ll ask you to specify if you have any particular problems with your website. In this case, our specialists will need detailed information about the issue.
  2. Having got the details, our professionals will start providing extended website support. We’ll troubleshoot any problems connected with hosting, contact forms, SMTP configuration, etc. Depending on the complexity of the matter, it will take us 1-2 business days to solve the hardships.
  3. When we have handled the issues, we’ll get in touch with you. Our specialists will report on the delivery of website maintenance support.

What Clients Say about Extended Website Support Services

Rhiannan Mccaffrey
I could not manage to add my own presets with my custom content and had issues with the gallery. The technician was helpful and provided several ways of resolving the issue. The problem with the gallery is solved as well. They even helped me to set the contact form! Amazing service!
Malcolm Frye
I appreciate your assistance, thanks a lot. For some reason, I could not access the template in the Novi builder. I have spent so much time customizing my template, and did not want to lose all the changes. Thank you for restoring the access to my customized template.
Cynthia Holder
Hey, you did that! The data submitted through the form did not come to my email. My form works fine now!

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What You Get

  • Advanced configuration of contact forms and SMTP
  • Custom presets and project integrity troubleshooting
  • Server-related issues maintenance
ETA: 2 months