What Are The Search Optimization Techniques For HTML5 Templates?

Search Optimization Techniques: How to Attract Organic Traffic

Search Optimization Techniques: How to Attract Organic Traffic

Search optimization techniques play an important role in digital marketing. It allows you to easily reach your customers as they use online search engines. In the world of modern technologies, search systems have a great impact on your business. One of the most popular websites providing online search is Google with its 92% of market share. No wonder that many businesses use SEO to increase the exposure of their services online. Ensuring that your website is among the first search results is key to increasing your online sales and attracting new partnerships.

As you may have guessed, in today’s post, we will talk about various SEO optimization tips. Moreover, we’ll also take a look at how Novi Builder can help you with optimizing your website for search engines. You’ll learn about the vital SEO elements. And if you ever wondered how digital marketing can help you with SEO and business promotion, you’ll find out how to combine various online marketing & SEO tools that Novi Builder provides.

In case you are visiting our blog for the first time, we recommend taking a look at our previous articles. There you can find detailed information about our free website templates and related services. Also, if you are planning to build your website with Novi Builder, we recommend reading about our top-rated premium HTML5 themes. There’s always something informative and interesting to read on our website.

The Term of Search Engine Optimization

Before we go into the details of SEO optimization tips, let’s learn what SEO is. Short for search engine optimization, SEO is a set of measures aimed at improving your site’s position in the global, local, or national search results. The better visibility your website has, the higher the chance that your potential customers will find you. A proper SEO strategy allows you to get the attention of users that are genuinely interested in what you provide. Moreover, diverse SEO strategies include various elements, such as:

  1. Technical SEO (sitemap accessibility & page speed);
  2. On-page SEO (relevant keywords, internal & outbound links);
  3. Off-site optimization (link-building outreach);
  4. Local SEO (consistent website optimization & local keywords) etc.

These SEO elements are highly important to help your site achieve better rankings. To do so, a search system needs to analyze your site. When analyzing pages on the Web, search engines take hundreds of factors into account. From site performance to user experience, there are over 200 factors that modern web search engines consider. To rank higher on Google, you need to appear in the organic search results. They are the most trustworthy results that Google assumes to be useful for the user. So to generate more organic traffic on your website, it needs to meet the requirements of the world’s most popular search engine.

Search Optimization Techniques Using Novi Builder

SEO Optimization Tips using Novi Builder

To help you not just create a powerful website, but also to rank higher on the Web, we introduced certain SEO features in Novi Builder. They are designed to provide you full control over the website’s settings that are crucial for proper page ranking. Moreover, with Novi Builder, you can add meta descriptions and meta titles to every page of your template or website. All of the search optimization techniques we will talk about are perfectly integrated into the builder’s interface. That’s why working with your HTML website and optimizing it is quite simple. Here are some of the options available to you when optimizing any chosen HTML5 template for search engines:

  • Sitemap domain location;
  • Home page & other pages priority;
  • Page change frequency;
  • Settings for the robots.txt file;
  • Meta title & meta description (unique for every page).

All these tools and settings are designed to provide widely used search optimization techniques. Moreover, using Novi Builder, you won’t need to dive deeply into the code of your website. This is possible thanks to the visual editor integrated into our page builder. It allows you to integrate the inbound and outbound links as well as keywords into any page. With our page editor, you can optimize the performance of page elements that are important to your website. And by doing so and increasing the website loading speed, you can achieve a higher ranking on Google. Feel free to read more about Novi SEO options in the builder’s documentation.

What to Consider When Optimizing Your Website for SEO

Now, let’s explore various SEO optimization tips and options Novi Builder can offer in detail. As there are various search optimization techniques, we at Novi decided to give you as much control as possible over your website. This included adding various SEO & analytics settings that you can change at any time. One of the basic ones is metadata that includes meta title & meta description. The latter is used by Google as a form of your webpage advertising, while a meta title serves as a brief description of a page a user is on. As for the sitemap, it is needed to allow search engines to analyze your website more effectively. In a nutshell, sitemaps are used for improving your rankings. This also means increasing the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Other SEO options added in the recent Novi Builder update are designed to increase the SEO performance of your website. For example, the robots.txt section of SEO settings contains recommended options and directives for search engines. This TXT file plays a big role in SEO and is generated in a few clicks by Novi Builder. You can also instruct crawlers to not index your website at all. However, it will negatively influence your website. This feature is useful only during website testing and early development stages. And of course, our page editor allows you to change the priority of pages and how often they are updated. These two options provide important information to search engines. You just have to specify the importance and change frequency of your website pages by rating them from 0.1 to 1.0.

Search Optimization Techniques for Website Templates

How To Optimize SEO for Site Template

You may decide to use one of our HTML5 templates or already have one of your own for building a noticeable website. In this case, our visual builder will prove to be quite useful. Besides being suitable for various search optimization techniques, Novi Builder provides a variety of tools for customization and content creation. Needless to say that staying at the top of search results requires providing original and regularly updated content to your website visitors. That’s what our website editor was designed for. Also, the built-in code editor allows you to optimize the HTML code of your website and add any necessary keywords and tags to your web pages. Here are some of the webpage elements you should pay attention to when optimizing your site for SEO:

  1. <head> and <title> tags;
  2. Meta description;
  3. Alt text for images;
  4. Canonical tag;
  5. Nofollow attribute;
  6. Original & relevant content;
  7. Anchor links.

Optimizing your site for SEO is easily done by making it user-friendly. This includes introducing attractive and memorable design as well as providing your site with clean and fully functional code. Using relevant keywords and utilizing the <head> tag is also important. This is one of the basic principles in SEO, alongside the usage of the <title> tag. The same goes for meta descriptions. They must not only meet the topic of your website but also contain organic keywords. Adding alt tags to your images that correspond with the topic of published content can simplify search optimization as well. It tells search what your images and other graphic content are about.

Notable Website Code Elements For Search Engines

Besides the abovementioned search optimization techniques that are mostly content-related, there are others that are hidden from your users. Nonetheless, they matter a lot and must be considered by any web developer. First of all, your website needs to show great performance on all major devices. The low loading speed can discourage your visitors. It will also block search engines from proper indexation of your site. Overloading your site with JavaScript plugins negatively influences your position in search results. This is especially true for website menus.

We also recommend paying attention to links as well their anchor text. Adding relevant links with proper anchor text allows search engines to easily find out what your website is about. Another element worth noting is the “nofollow” attribute. Being added to anchor links, this attribute tells Google not to follow the link. Using nofollow is useful when you need to tell Google what to pay attention to in the first place. One of the recent additions to code elements vital for SEO is the canonical tag. It informs the search engine of important pages on your website. It also helps you avoid duplicate content. The latter only decreases your search result rank. Needless to say that unoriginal content will only worsen your online reputation.

Online Marketing and Its Role for Your Website

Online Marketing And Its Role For Your Website

SEO is closely connected with digital marketing. Both of these spheres serve a single purpose of promoting your business online. However, the tools differ a lot. Search optimization techniques pursue the goal of improving your online rankings. Digital marketing solutions, on the other hand, advertises your brand using various Internet tools. These include e-mail, social media, etc. As a result, you get to build better relationships with your customers. This is achieved by appealing to your target audience’s tastes and interests. All in all, your brand & the website will receive more attention. Combining online marketing with SEO helps you to:

  • Get closer to your customers and understand them;
  • Create better and more fitting content;
  • Save on marketing by applying new strategies;
  • Promoting your brand online.

Internet marketing not only allows you to add more purpose to SEO. It also saves your costs and informs your customers about your offers. SEO techniques aim to help you get a higher position in search results. Online marketing in its turn allows you to achieve better conversion. Combining both of these methods will help you achieve the desired result. Also, both SEO and digital marketing can be easily tracked. Eventually, all of the above leads to better sales, which is what all businesses strive for.

Professional SEO Service for Your HTML5 Website

Any website owner wants to get the most out of modern search optimization techniques. The team of Novi can easily help you with it. Besides providing a variety of SEO options, we also offer customized SEO services. Available at a reasonable price, this offer includes all you need to rank higher online. The search engine optimization is performed in several stages. The service includes HTML SEO audit as well as keywords tailoring and SEO copywriting solutions. Our specialists will additionally work to create fitting sitemap.xml and robots.txt files for your website. Feel free to find out more about this search engine optimization service on our website.

Our website builder can offer more than SEO services and customization. You can also benefit from the included analytics feature. It was introduced in the recent update. This feature helps to integrate social pages into websites. As described in one of our posts about the v.0.9.9 update, the Novi analytics option allows you to connect your online marketing campaigns to your website. The supported analytics services include:

  1. Google Analytics;
  2. Facebook Pixel;
  3. Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools);
  4. Google Tag Manager.

Connecting these services to your Novi project helps a lot. With them, you can track the results of applied search optimization techniques. Social marketing campaigns can also be. After configuring all the abovementioned features, you get better control over your website. This also includes better results for SEO and online reputation.

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Search Optimization Techniques for HTML5 Templates: Conclusion

We hope this post provided the necessary information about search optimization techniques. At Novi, we always try to help our customers SEO using our website builder. Even if you lack experience, our visual editor will help you build a professional website. With SEO-ready and responsive HTML5 templates, you can build any kind of website. With Novi, you can fully control your content. It will help you optimize it for search engines the best way.

If you want to know more about our visual builder and the ready-made HTML  templates we provide, feel free to visit Novi Builder website. Also, don’t forget to like our Facebook page and Novi Builder community. There we post news and updates about our visual editor and compatible templates. Also, we regularly answer questions submitted by our users and provide additional assistance. You can also submit a ticket to get online help from our agents. We are always happy to help you build a stunning website for your business.

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