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Reliable & Free Simple HTML Template

A free simple HTML template can serve as a great basis for any modern website. And nowadays, it's impossible to imagine a company without a site. Moreover, it is important to have a good website. After all, your reputation depends on it. A good website is your business card and your clients will judge your professionalism on your website. No one trusts a company that has an unappealing website.

However, sometimes it is boring and takes too much time to create a website from scratch. This is why we recommend you to check out Softor HTML template. It is a reliable template suitable for various businesses. It will definitely suit all your requirements. Firstly, it is free. It means that you can download it, install, check out how it works for free. It will give you an opportunity to decide whether you like it or not. However, we are sure that you will like it. Moreover, it is extremely easy to install Softor website template.

HTML Template with Lots of Powerful Features

With our free simple HTML template, it is easy to attract your clients' attention due to an impressive design. We made sure that the template's design suits modern companies perfectly. It is clean enough to highlight the most important information and images. And it creates an image of a business website. Moreover, Softor offers a variety of powerful features that can completely transform your website, such as:

  1. SCSS & Pug source files;
  2. Cross-browser support;
  3. Google Fonts;
  4. Speed optimization;
  5. Blog;
  6. Parallax effect.

Softor free simple HTML template is a creative solution that looks eye-catchy due to impressive visual options and plugins. It has impressive colors and stunning visuals. For example, it has attractive CSS animations. They will be great for decoration purposes. And you can use them to improve your design. So do not be shy and try to play with design. There is even a wide set of built-in UI elements and effects that will make your website more user-friendly.

Informative & Multipage Free Simple HTML Template

For any business, it is important to have a responsive website. This is why developers spent a lot of time on code improvements. And thanks to them, your website will work easily on all devices and OS. Due to great optimization, it will be also SEO-friendly and your website will be in the top results of website search. Without any doubts, it will give your business a better boost online and increase your rankings.

Our free simple HTML template is a multipage solution that allows you to include tons of useful info. You can sort information and present it most preferably. You may include the following blocks of information:

  • Advantages of choosing your services;
  • Short company description;
  • Services & projects overview;
  • List of your business partners etc.

You can present your products and services or keep in touch with clients via a forum. There is also a blog you can use to share information about the latest news and events. Also, feel free to share tips with your clients on how to use your products.

Fully Responsive HTML Template

You can also present your team and tell more about your previous experience. There is a working contact form that allows your clients to contact you easily. Just keep in mind, that some working forms require additional coding. And minor features like Google Fonts will undoubtedly enhance your website too. If you want to learn more about Softor free simple HTML template, then you can check out the documentation.

One of the most important benefits is the complete responsiveness of Softor free simple HTML template. It is possible due to the Bootstrap 4 framework that is easy to manage. The affordability of this template is also a huge advantage. It allows any website owner to try out this template and improve their website. This template perfectly suits new and established websites. We hope that you will appreciate it as well.


Dilan BlackBull
I was surfing around the INTERNET, looking for template with svg animation and found this one. You have saved my day, thank you! And loading speed is beyond the expectation.

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