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Flexible & Free HTML Template for Business

A free HTML template for business has everything necessary for establishing a website. Without any doubt, having a properly working website can boost your company's online success. And it also means that you will meet many competitors. Your goal is to win this business competition and find new clients to boost your profit. And in order to do so, your site must be able to advertise your services and tell clients why you provide the best services. We can help you with that.

Our developers created a Busistat HTML template specifically for modern businesses. Moreover, it will perfectly suit the consulting companies. There are reasons why we recommend you to try out this HTML template. Firstly, this template is FREE. You can download it and create a website before making a decision whether you like it or not. It is also very easy to install, configure, and manage. Most importantly, it is a great way to save time and money.

Feature-rich & Free HTML Template for Business

Busistat Free HTML Template for Business is a multipage solution that has many pre-developed pages. Due to this, you can include a lot of information and present it in the best possible way on your website. For example, you can create service pages or introduce your team. Besides, you can take advantage of using numerous features included with Busistat. They include the following ones:

  1. Speed optimization;
  2. Responsive layout built with Bootstrap 4
  3. A variety of pre-designed content blocks and sections;
  4. Working contact and newsletter forms.

There is also a blog and it allows you to present big amounts of text in the most preferable way. You can blog about your previous experience, upcoming events or the latest news. With a variety of pre-designed content blocks, you can post all kinds of information necessary for your clients. Moreover, you can freely edit this solution just like many other free website templates for business.

HTML Template with Ready-made Design Elements

Our team of designers and developers included many visual effects and plugins. They will help you in transforming your website to better suit your business sphere. For example, if you want to create a highly user-friendly website you can use included UI elements and blocks. They will be helpful in the development of intuitive website navigation. Such elements include:

  • Buttons
  • Text elements
  • Forms
  • Counters etc.

There are also cool CSS animations and effects supplied with Busistat free HTML template for business. They will help you to create an impressive design. Or you can add more elements to decorate your website. Thanks to its clean design, it will be a great way to highlight any necessary facts about your business's products and services. Yet, designers also made everything possible to create a bright website. Many minor features like Google Maps or Google Fonts will give your site an additional functional boost.

100% Responsive & Free HTML Template

This free HTML template for business also has social options. They will be really helpful for advertisement purposes and for keeping in touch with clients. There is also a fully functional contact form. It was designed to provide easier communication between the company owner and the clients. And due to working newsletter forms, you can inform clients about the latest news. With the help of the testimonials section, you can share the feedback from your clients.

Our developers also included the highly reliable code with Busistat. Due to such coding, your website will be reliable and fully responsive. It works without any problems or issues. And you can be sure that it works on all modern devices. Moreover, it is a highly optimized template. Due to this feature, your website will be in the top results of the web search. And due to a flexible layout built with Bootstrap 4, your website will be 100% responsive. Don't forget to check the included documentation if you want to find out more about Busistat free HTML website for business.


Kamal Grat
We decided to go with this design because it looks really professional on mobile and loads really fast. And of course, we love free staff :) Since 100% of our customers are using mobile phones for viewing our site. As a bonus, there are a lot of icons and re-usable elements. Good job, Novi Builder.

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