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Fully Editable Basic HTML Template

A basic HTML template can help any modern business build a sustainable online presence. Especially if your business is connected with consulting. In this case, you have to do everything to ensure clients in your reliability. And you have to do all you can to increase your customer base. So, when it comes to website development, you need the best possible option. Luckily, selecting a fitting website template is the best solution in this situation.

To succeed online, you need a reliable website. It should be able to describe all your best sides most preferably. It also has to be attractive and provide clients with positive user experience. After all, it is important to have a website nowadays for any business. That is why we are here to help you. Instead of spending resources on developing a website from scratch, you can use the Finstar HTML template to create your site.

Basic Website HTML Template with Lots of Features

Our basic HTML template is a ready-made product. It means there will be no need in hiring the developer. Just download it and edit according to your preferences. Of course, this template has a fair price. When it comes to coding, the template offers a W3C Valid code that is clearly written. It was tested many times and you can be sure that it works stably on all modern gadgets & devices. Moreover, our solution comes with a bunch of highly useful features, such as:

  1. Novi Builder;
  2. Google Fonts;
  3. Google Maps;
  4. Speed optimization;
  5. A wide set of pre-designed content blocks.

Finstar basic website HTML template is based on the Bootstrap 4 framework. Due to the template's high responsiveness, it adapts to all modern screen dimensions. Developers also optimized the template's code to make it really fast. And thanks to this feature, your website will be closer to the top rankings in web search results. This will improve your site's visibility and attract the attention of your potential customers.

HTML Template with a Wide Choice of UI Elements

This template also looks impressive and has many included features that boost visual appearance. For example, designers included CSS transitions and plugins that will enhance your website's look. Also, to make your website really user-friendly and interactive, you should use the included UI elements. This basic HTML template also has a well-developed structure that allows you to offer visitors easy-to-understand navigation. All pages of Finstar include a variety of elements, such as the following ones:

  • Buttons;
  • Progress bars;
  • Grid system;
  • Counters;
  • Text elements.

With Finstar basic website HTML template, you also get a set of minor features like Google Maps and working forms. They will also make your website interactive and eye-catchy. In addition, to communicate with your clients, you can use social options, newsletters, blog or contact forms. Some of these features, however, require additional configuring. And if you want to share the clients' feedback, then Finstar provides you with testimonials feature.

Multipage Basic Website HTML Template

This template also includes many pre-developed pages. You can use them to tell more about your services, tell more about your prices and your company. Feel free to blog about the latest news and updates of your business with this basic HTML template. And if you want to edit Finstar, then you can change any part of it. Moreover, it will be extremely easy to do due to the Novi Builder that allows you to simply drag and drop elements.

To give you more possibilities with this template, we have included easy-to-read documentation. It describes every detail of Finstar's configuration process. Moreover, it has all you need to know about the work of various modules and extensions. If you have any additional questions, you can always count on our 24/7 qualified support. Our professional team is always ready to help you build an awesome website for your company.


Jaime Omar
I was tired of my client's requires for the website but this template saved my time. Being a product with a wide set of pre-designed content blocks, the all i have to do is replacing the content. Guys, you are awesome:)

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